Company Profile

Ltd. is located in the red holy land, the charming Zunyi. The company was founded in 1998, formerly known as Ruian Zhonglian Electroacoustic Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of musical instrument parts, as well as processing and plating of various military products.

The company has strong technical and R&D strength, with more than 10 sets of high-precision CNC machine tools, which can process all kinds of standard parts and non-standard parts, and process more than 1000 kinds of musical instrument parts annually. The main products are guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and other parts.

The company has a perfect technical team with a reasonable talent structure, and now has 260 employees and 36 technicians, including 10 senior engineers. In order to develop special products that really fit the needs of enterprises, the company hires experts from various industries as consultants, closely follows the technology and industry development characteristics of the manufacturing industry, and constantly optimizes the products so that users get the best quality service and the best return on investment. The company has first-class production capacity, with an annual production of 2 million sets of components. High working efficiency, new product development cycle of 30 days, annual development of more than 50 sets of new products, annual sales of 80 million.

With the business philosophy of "diligence and pragmatism, excellence and self-transcendence", the company strives to make the product quality reach the international leading level with the business philosophy of high quality and integrity and strict quality requirements. Through the joint efforts of all our staff, our company has develo

Mould workshop
There are more than 30 employees in the mold department of Zhongli Precision. The team has many years of work experience in the design and production of precision die-casting molds, plastic molds, automatic molds, and fixture molds. At the same time, it is also equipped with professional structural design engineers, which can meet various business needs of customers.
The mold manufacturing workshop has dozens of precision machining equipment such as multi-axis CNC, Jingdiao, slow wire walking, spark machine, precision grinder, laser welding machine, etc., as well as advanced mold manufacturing and testing equipment.
The mold production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system, and each set of molds has a high standard of quality assurance.
Automation Equipment R&D Department
There are more than 60 employees in the automation R&D department of Zhongli Seiko, including 6 senior engineers, 4 intermediate engineers, and 12 senior fitters, specializing in counting bottling automation lines, liquid filling automation lines, equipment transformation and upgrading, and non-standard automation equipment. The design, development and production of the company can meet the various business needs of customers at the same time. The Automation R&D Department has dozens of invention majors, covering pharmaceutical equipment, daily chemical equipment, musical instrument equipment, hardware equipment, auto parts equipment, etc. Equipped with a professional after-sales team, it can timely meet the docking processing of business needs in different regions.
Machine shop
There are more than 100 sets of various processing equipments in the machining workshop of Zhongli Precision Machinery. The main equipments are: CNC, numerical control, whirlwind milling, gear milling machine, automation, centerless grinding machine, blanking cutting machine, cam machine, etc., which can meet various types of parts and components. production and processing. Now the workshop mainly produces our musical instrument parts, auto parts and hardware products. In order to improve the machining quality and production capacity, the company continues to invest a total of millions of yuan in various types of equipment every year, which also lays a good foundation for the mass production of parts and components that meet various high-quality requirements.
Electroplating workshop
Zhongli Precision Surface Technology Processing Center has more than 40 employees, advanced integrated equipment and complete environmental protection procedures. Specializing in chrome-plating, nickel-plating, copper-plating, imitation gold, gun black and other types of plating, the external service fields include aviation parts, medical parts, musical instrument parts, auto parts, hardware and bathroom accessories, decorations, furniture accessories, clothing accessories, etc. Class hardware accessories. The electroplating workshop is located in Jinsha Electroplating Industrial Park, and we can provide free delivery and pickup services.
Die Casting/Injection Workshop
Zhongli Precision Die Casting Workshop has 12 sets of main equipment and 6 sets of auxiliary equipment, including 5 sets of Likin hot chamber die casting machines, 4 sets of 88 tons and 1 set of 280 tons. There are 6 sets of Haitian injection machines, 5 horizontal and 1 vertical. The machines are equipped with advanced robots and conveyor belts to realize production automation. The die-casting production technology is excellent, the production capacity is stable and the quality is guaranteed.
Stamping Workshop
There are more than 15 employees in the stamping workshop of Zhongli Precision. The main equipment includes 4 pneumatic high-speed precision punching machines (45T-125T), 1 four-column hydraulic press (250T), 10 other open punching machines (8T-120T), high-speed precision automatic punching There are 3 drilling machines and 5 other auxiliary equipment. The main production parts are: auto parts, musical instrument parts, hardware products, etc., with an annual output of tens of millions of various stamping parts. The site is equipped with professional quality control, and mass production is carried out in strict accordance with ISO9001 to ensure that each component meets the technical requirements.
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